FLIGHT (2016)

An animated visual poem about Khue Nguyen’s dramatic flight from Vietnam as a refugee. The animation depicts a moment of crisis, when mental strength and physical exhaustion contend in a battle of life or death. 

From a Home to a Home: a Story of Migration (2016)

The search for home unites human and winged travellers in this unique exhibition involving sixteen artists from seven countries.

BUNNY & THE UFO (2016)

An Artplay New Ideas Lab project where children, family and friends of all ages are invited to workshops exploring clapping games through drawing, sculpture, film and animation.


Explores the linguistic phenomenon of collective nouns through drawing, printmaking and animation with students from Kimberley Training Institute Broome and local printmakers.

MOBY (2014)

A participatory animation controlled by the AUUG motion synth. The installation invites participants to ‘perform’ the animation and to provide their own soundtrack to the narrative.


A participatory art installation about the beginnings and endings of novels. Members of the public were invited to submit their favourite lines to form the basis of an installation of text, drawing, printmaking and interactive animation.

1000 TEARS (2013)

A participatory art installation about the universal experience of regret. Members of the public were invited to send us their regrets. Each regret was written on a teardrop representing a moment of sadness or acknowledgement of a mistake.



A website about the deaths of Margaret Chandler and Gib Bogle on the banks of the Lane Cove River in Sydney, 1963. It allows users to navigate time, space and point-of-view, to compare eyewitness accounts of the case.


A re-creation the scene of a highly contested conflict between whalers and the local indigenous people near Portland, Victoria, 1835. It incorporates conflicting accounts of the massacre of indigenous people.