1000 Tears

'1000 Tears (2013), animation by Rebecca Young, images Helen Kocis Edwards and Jessie Wong
Music: “Medo de Morrer" by E A Terra Nunca Me Pareceu Tão Distante, from the Free Music ArchiveCC BY-NC

Melbourne writers Festival

1000 Tears is an art installation designed to engage members of the public in a conversation about the universal experience of regret. This dialogue took place over multiple channels: social media, text message, email, postcard, printmaking, animation and installation art.  Throughout the project we sought to investigate the essential qualities of regret, as well as methods for expressing and sharing this emotion. We anticipated that the individual expressions of regret would add to the body of knowledge around this human experience and provide the basis of the printmaking, video and animated work. The aim of the project was to combine individual experiences of regret into an interdisciplinary community-authored project. In doing so we intended to create connections through the sharing of confidences as well as a celebration of human flaws and imperfections. The four visual artists involved in the project were printmakers Helen Kocis Edwards and Jessi Wong, animator Rebecca Young and photographer Andrej Kocis.

You can read more about this work in the online article 1000 Tears: Crowdsourcing Regrets for an Art Installation.