Animation by Rebecca Young, paintings by Khue Nguyen, music by Haily Tran, 2016.

The animation ‘Flight’ is a collaboration with the painter Khue Nguyen and the musician Haily Tran. The work is a visually poetic retelling of Khue’s dramatic flight from Vietnam as a refugee. The animation depicts a moment of crisis, when mental strength and physical exhaustion contend in a battle of life or death. 

Khue Nguyen arrived to Australia in 1988 as a refugee. He worked for 15 years as graphic designer. Khue’s locally and internationally exhibited paintings present a continuous examination of the human form. He also explores diaspora and identity issues in his art practice. Khue is represented by the Art Atrium Gallery in Sydney.

Rebecca’s videos and online works explore postcolonial and gothic themes through the animation of uncanny and sublime imagery. Rebecca began her media career working in the film and television industry, and was an early adopter of digital tools for graphic design and fine art. She has a PhD in digital storytelling from RMIT University and her prizewinning online narrative works have been exhibited internationally.

Haily Tran is a creative based in Melbourne who works from her home studio in Collingwood. She was born in Western Australia where her parents migrated to from Vietnam in the late 1970’s. Her musical interests are mainly in jazz vocals and classical strings. Significant influences in her music include Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Chopin, Bach and Glenn Gould. Haily is the vocalist in a duo arrangement called ‘Sweet Myrtle’ that performs regularly at Melbourne festivals and has had a residency at the Lui Bar for the past 4 years. To date, she continues to have weekly cello lessons with her teacher Mee-na Lojewski. Through music, Haily learns and tells her story. Her work gravitates towards lyrical melodies and emotional-provoking harmonies.