‘Rebel (2018), by Propeller Arts
Music: “Thank You For This World” by Borrtex, from the Free Music ArchiveCC BY-NC



Heroic female figures drift across luminous skies, revealing their true rebel colours in a burlesque view of an Australian legend.

Rebel is a large-scale animation portraying heroic female figures set against the immense Australian sky. It explores the historically hidden roles women played on the goldfields, particularly at the Eureka stockade – events which later led to the suffragette movement and contemporary feminism.

Rebel represents fabulous women through abstracted female forms clad in sumptuous fabrics, both old and new. It examines gender, power, body-image and beauty by using an historical context which permeates modern society. The pioneering women in Rebel represent female archetypes, outwardly conforming to convention while revealing their personalities, abilities and ambitions through concealed, whimsical undergarments.

The animation reveals a new story, from which a different perspective about the Australian landscape (both physical and psychological) emerges.

Propeller Arts

Propeller Arts is a Melbourne-based arts collective. Its founders – Helen Kocis Edwards, Andrej Kocis and Rebecca Young – produce engaging, accessible and participatory public art works using an eclectic array of media (prints, paintings, photography, animation, digital and social media). They invite conversations with the public to create art installations imbued with humour, whimsy and pathos. In essence, they are curious about the human condition and seek to realise human experiences as vivid visual environments.